Turning boring data into beautiful usable dashboards

Since 1846, Royal Koopmans has made it easy for Dutch families to bake something delicious themselves. It started years ago with a buckwheat mill in Holwerd and now all the different products of Koopmans are available in all supermarkets.

Koopmans is a household name in Dutch society, the sales are more than positive. There are constant improvements to the existing products and new products are added.

The challenge

Royal Koopmans’ suffer some challenges regarding data visualization and reporting.

It is important for every company to ‘go with the time’. Optimize where possible, in order to be able to make explicable decisions.

Royal Koopmans realized this all too well, and knocked on our door to take the first steps to start working ‘Data Driven’.

The information that you can get out of the current process is not extracted. As a result, important information remains unused, while it is of great importance.

“How many pallets of flour do we still have in factory A, how many sales did we do last year, how much of the current budget did we use’.

Their already existing data, could give answers to these questions, if the data is used properly. And that is were we come along to help, train en develop great data reporting skills.

The solution

Based on Royal Koopmans’ wishes & KPIs, we transformed their data into useful insights for various business processes.

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