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Optimizing inventory forecast to streamline supply chain succes

Selling over ten thousand units in 2019, the Amsterdam based company Urban Arrow is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cargo bikes. It has an ever-expanding network of over 500 authorized dealers worldwide. Urban Arrow’s clean and quiet electric mobility products, serve families and businesses. Innovation, research and development are deeply rooted in the Urban Arrow DNA. And the portfolio is characterized by a consistently high build quality and a supreme riding comfort.

The challenge

The sales are going through the roof. So that is really great of course.

Due to the high demand, and the status symbol that Urban Arrow has become, there has even developed a ‘Black Market’.

Unfortunately the bottleneck is the stock. The Inventory-stock-forecast, is not how it should be.

Urban Arrow orders and receive components at the manufacturer, but don’t know how many, of which products they have, in what warehouse and how long it will take to receive certain components.

Therefor the company-clients sometimes have to wait for too long, to get their order; a brand new electric cargo bike, or to get a repair done.

The solution

Building a Power Bi Dashboard alongside Paginated reports.

Getting daily reports about how much stock they still have, compared to what should be delivered.

Urban Arrow’s asks, we develop & advice how to get more insight and expertise in the existing data.

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