Scotch & Soda


Fashion retail





An in-store dashboard for the fashion host to show the realtime performance of their store

Scotch & Soda is a Dutch fashion retailer founded in 1985 and headquartered in Amsterdam. The label creates men’s, women’s and children’s collections stocked in over 220 boutiques and 8000 retail stores worldwide.

The challenge

The way that Sotch & Soda processed their data, was unfortunately not optimal.

This resulted in several errors and the data could not load completely.

The solution

To build the best solution possible, we first had to get to know the process that had been setup by another company. We then optimized it in terms fastness, reduce costs and the marging of error. More than 20 percent of all the active processes failed, after optimizing this percentage fell to 1 percent and less.

After this initial kickstart, we will continue to optimize, develop and provide support for Scotch & Soda. Of course, the visual part is also discussed, by means of building different front-end and back-end dashboards.

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